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7.0Joseph Kenneth Lacome

​SF Bay Area:  English: 415-847-1944      (Español): 415-305-4110

Phoenix - 602-892-7700

San Diego & Los Angeles (Español & English):  619-862-7425          



​At LaCome Law, we understand the importance of our clients feeling like they are protected and in good hands.  We always follow a one-on-one approach: we answer our clients' questions and plan a strategic legal approach. 

We are passionate about our clients' cases.  Whether we are protecting our clients' assets or bringing their loved one into the United States, we are fully dedicated to the cause.

You are welcome to review our practice areas and contact us.  If we accept a case, that means the case will get the resources it needs.  We will handle the matter with complete competence.  

We often get clients who are simply dissatisfied with their attorneys. Unfortunately, we have seen it all too often: a lawyer takes a case, gets a deposit, and then does nothing on the case. Besides the obvious ethical violation, this type of behavior may drastically impact a client's case, their remedies, and their ultimate recovery.   

​When LaCome Law takes a case, our clients rest assured that their case is in good hands. We fight for our clients for one simple reason: we care. We care about our clients, we care about their cases, and most importantly: we care about our professional and personal integrity. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out the Case Evaluation form now to get in touch with one of our legal knights.  Remember, you have nothing to lose and unless we know what your problem is, we cannot solve it.


Immigration Law

Federal Criminal Defense

​Employment Law (FLSA wage violations)

Section 1983 (Civil Rights) Lawsuits

Offices in: 

Phoenix, Arizona,
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Tijuana, Baja, Mexico

​​​​​​​​​​​​​JOSEPH LACOME

Attorney at Law