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These are various media articles on cases I have been involved in

This class action case case involves my clients that are being denied bond hearings pursuant to Diouf v. Napolitano, 634 F.3d 1081 (9th Cir. 2011).  I have also filed a class action habeas in arizona for another client (Marroquin-Perez v. Boente, District of Arizona, 2:17-cv-00366) 


Leticia Villarreal - Section 1983 lawsuit in Arkansas.  This is a new case that I am representing the client on.



An El Salvadorian client fled his country due to the pending civil war in that country, and entered the US in 1984.  He filed for asylum, and later, for ABC benefits, and eligibility for benefits under NACARA.   The client did not receive proper notice for an immigration proceeding, and after not showing up, he was ordered removed in absentia.  ICE later detained him, and in violation of the NACARA agreement, deported him.  He returned to the United States, and then several years later found himself back in removal proceedings.  I filed a motion to reopen based on the lack of notice of the immigration proceeding that led to an in absentia order.  Meanwhile, the client finally had his asylum interview by USCIS.  USCIS later gave an approval for his asylum. The immigration judge later granted the motion to reopen, which eliminated his deportation order, and then terminated his removal proceedings.  The client is now in the process of obtaining permanent residency through NACARA.


December 2015 - The summer of 2015 I had several new clients that consulted with me on whether they could obtain US Citizenship by doing an "adult adoption."  This was news to me because there is nothing in federal immigration law that allows for it.  After speaking with them more I discovered a massive immigration scam running out of Sacramento, California by a company called Americans Helping America Chamber of Commerce.  Shortly after the news story aired, the FBI raided their office, and the head of AHA, Helaman Hansen, was indicted by a federal grand jury. 

TV report on AHA - KCRA - 


New Articles:  

Followup story by Univison concerning AHA



I helped a client that was unlawfully detained by ICE because he gained US citizenship through his mother, who was born in the United States.  ICE released him. His story was shown on NBC and Telemundo.  

NBC Report  

​Telemundo:  http://www.telemundopr.com/noticias/ICE-libera-a-ciudadano-detenido-por-4-meses-Ricardo-Orozco-Salazar-324164181.html